Picture Name: Abhinav Solanki
E-Mail: ...[at]
Role: Group Member

I am pursuing Master in Computer Science at University of Paderborn, Germany. I had completed my Bachelors of Technology specializing in Information Technology from UPTU, India. I have two years of experience in development of cloud compatible applications based on java, web services and quality assurance. I had been a member of PAndA2 project group during my masters. I was involved in the development of graphical user interface, wrote unit test cases, evaluation of tool with alternative software available, checking and ensuring the quality of code with QA team. In addition, I developed a tool ATE (Automatic Test Executor) to perform automated regression tests on the tool.

Picture Name: Anand Devarajan
E-Mail: anand[at]
Role: Group Member

I am Anand Devarajan, perusing my Masters in Computer Science at the University of Paderborn. In the initial development phase, I was helping Felix in the development of level1 and the StatmentAnanlyzer. And As a member of the testing team along with Arjya and Abhinav, I was developing JUnit test cases for our code and validating our code correctness as per the fixed guidelines and requirement.

Picture Name: Arjya Shankar Mishra
E-Mail: asmishra[at]
Role: Quality Assurance Manager

I am a Master's student in Computer Science department at University Of paderborn. I have more than 5 years of experiance in software development and testing. As a Quality Assurance Manager, I was involded in discussions and responsible for all the decisions taken for testing and assuring code quality in our project. From product’s initial development till its delivery, I and testing team were involved in accomplishing tasks like writing unit test cases, checking and assuring coding standards as per fixed guidelines, building our own tool for automated testing etc. to meet our goals by keeping the requirements in mind.

Picture Name: Fabian Witter
E-Mail: ...[at]
Role: Group Member

My main task during the project group was to develop the Intra-App Information Flow Analysis together with my subgroup. But in addition i have taken the responsibility for a lot of other parts of our tool along with the whole architecture. During the last month i focused on evaluating our tool.

Picture Name: Felix Pauck
E-Mail: fpauck[at]
Role: Project Leader

During the last year it was my task to manage the project group. Develop working plans, shedule tasks and organize meetings. Most important was to keep an overview over the whole project and the status of it. Along with managing the project group i have taken the responsibility for the implmentation of the following parts: Intra- and Inter-App Permission Usage analyses, CoreService: DataStorage, GUI and smaller elements. Next to it i have been involved in the architecture design process.

Picture Name: Monika
E-Mail: wedelm[at]
Role: Documentation Manager

During the last month my task as Documentation Manager was to keep track over the current status of the documents we delivered and to make sure they are submitted complete and in time. It was my responsibility to distribute the tasks concerning the documentation to our group members. Furthermore, I was part of the subgroup which developed the Intra-App Information Flow Analysis for our tool.

Picture Name: Pham Thuy Sy Nguyen
E-Mail: nptsy[at]
Role: Implementation Manager

I am Pham Thuy Sy Nguyen from Vietnam. I am studying Master Computer Science at Universität Paderborn. As a member in the project group A3, I mainly take responsibilities for implementation of the intra-app information flow analysis within our tool. In addition, I have helped in identifying tools and techniques to support our project development lifecycle.

Picture Name: Ram Kumar Karuppusamy
E-Mail: ramkumar[at]
Role: Group Member

I am part of the sub group that developed the Intra App Information Flow analysis, supported by our tool. I have been responsible for the integration of Soot framework with our tool to support information flow analysis. I have also modelled the computation of data flow among the local variables in the application under analysis.

Picture Name: Sriram Parthasarathi
E-Mail: sparthas[at]
Role: Group Member

Currently I am doing Master's in 'Computer Science' at 'University of Paderborn'. I had work experience of 4.5 years in the software industry, with a very good exposure of working in the various stages of the product development. With respect to my work on this project, during the initial phase, worked on designing the architecture for the user interfaces (Command Line Interface and Graphical User Interface) and related Business logic classes for performing the analysis. During the development phase, I worked on developing the Command Line Interface (CLI) which will provide almost all the functionalities similar to the GUI of our tool. During the testing and defect fixing phase, I worked on the Junits with respect to CLI to make sure their implemented CLI functionalities are working fine and also tested most of the scenarios by testing our tool using CLI parameters.