A³ - Android App Analysis

One part of the masters program at the university of paderborn is to participate in a project group. In such a group 5 to 10 students will develop over 1 year a piece of software together. In case of the A³ project group it is an Android App Analysis tool. We started in the summer term of 2015 and finished in the winter term 2015/16. In this period of time 9 poeple have been working together and the result is PAndA².

PAndA2 logo

On this website we present all the work we have done during this year. Inclucing the full documentation of the project, the source code of our tool and the tool itself. If there are any questions feel free to email us.


At:University of Paderborn - AG Wehrheim
From:Summer term 2015
To:Winter term 2015/16
Members:9 (Members)
Supervisors:Manuel, Marie